Year-end Dining That’s Easy on Your Pocket

It’s close to end of the year and time for a pampering treat — for the tummy that is. Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard for the year, and what better way to treat yourself and impress others, than through a plethora of good food set in the ambiance of a 5 star hotel. But for many of us, hotel dining are deemed expensive and to some, a rip off. We have to think twice if dining in a hotel will cause us to overspend, or can we afford to take up invitations for a social drink in a hotel lounge without throwing off our personal budget. Or worse still, would passing up those invitations cause us to fall out of touch with our social group!
Business owners will have to work within limited budget by searching countless promotions online to get the best deal for their annual dinner gatherings. And for wedding couples, signing the final contract can mean a rush hour decision in view of escalating banquet costs year on year.
Fortunately, your year-end quest for great hotel dining can turn into year-end joy without throwing your budget into complete disarray. You can keep your money tight and under control by making deliberate choices about where to eat, when to eat, what to order, and who do you bring.


1. Impress by dining in gastronomic proportions

DoubleTreebyHiltonKL_MakanKitchen_01You don’t need to travel from north to south, and across east and west Malaysia to get all the cuisines you love so much. And boy, do we know Malaysians love and know their local foods, but please minus the sweltering heat and ordering from multiple hawker stalls. Hotels now enable you to impress international friends or visiting relatives in a comfortable setting where you can taste all types of Malaysian dishes and best of all, they can “eat as much as they want, where they want and how they want”, from appetizers, to main dishes and all the way to dessert.
To dine like this, be prepared to pay a three digit sum per person. BUT believe it or not, a 5-star hotel is now offering all these at only MYR75 per person for their 80 dishes dinner spread! And yes, it is all-you-can eat.
If you love dining in a group, you just got to find out more as this is for a limited time only!


2. Beyond Kids Eat Free, find places where your children’s fun needs are taken care of without paying for every single activity

lYou’ve scratched your head far too many times figuring out where to bring the family for that weekend quality time, and it still comes back to the question: how do you keep the children occupied while you catch up on food and conversations with friends and family. Well, missing out on family time has no excuse now, as we present a place that provides you and your children the essential weekend treat of food, fun and games. Here’s a sneak peek:
  • Free Saltwater Pool Access for a splashing time
  • Wii tournament to be crowned champion (with mighty rewards)
  • Movie time to keep the entertainment going
  • Mouthwatering food themes that starts with the words “Safari”, “Chocolate” and “Carnival”
Give your children a fun treat, and yourself some break time, and your pocket a yeay!
Psst… Did we mention Kids Eat Free?


3. Indulge your love for fish but gather as a group for greater savings

DoubleTreebyHiltonKL_Makan Kitchen_Giant Estuary Grouper Display with 5 DishesHotels have a knack for serving great seafood varieties, but hardly targeting specific fish lovers. Now you can take away the 5-star hotel setting, and the magnificent Giant Estuary Grouper that has been turned into five delicious, unforgettable dinner dishes that keeps you going back for more. It is a fish so enormous that you will get the table talk going, so plan ahead and coordinate a group to dine together as we’ve got a place that serves this epic fish for only RM1 but only for the 5th diner. What a steal for a taste so delicate that you know every slice will do you good. And what a feeling that lets you boast on a grand dinner experience. Oh, and did we mention it’s all-you-can-eat?
Get hooked now!


4. Skip A la Carte. Pay one price for good food AND good drinks!

DoubleTree by Hilton KL_Tapas_11Love to eat everything on a menu, but not feasible to pay for everything that you order? That’s normal! That is why we’re excited to share good news on a hotel that offers 45 tapas dishes for you to eat all you can. These are served in small little portions so you can select what you like, taste them and order them nonstop. And you just stop ordering dishes that don’t suit your palette after tasting. Now add to the table, wines of various taste and colour that complete a soul’s palette, and you’re set to give yourself a pat on the back for choosing smart a dining experience that gives you both good food and good wine, for just one price with unlimited order.
Embrace the unlimited eating culture by learning more.


5. Thank goodness poolside dining doesn’t have to be expensive

DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur - Tosca PoolsideIt’s Thanksgiving and we take time to reminisce on the good, and the not-so good of 2016 to make better of one’s self. Whether it’s with family or with friends, it is always more heart-warming when you do this with great food and great company. Raise the bar and take it to the pool, and the night becomes more exclusive and impressive, as endless portions of good food and good booze are paired with endless conversations, and constant joy and laughter.
Do not give this all-you-can-eat-and-drink Poolside Alfresco Thanksgiving Dinner a miss.


Final word

Hotel dining with 5-star quality doesn’t always have to be a scare and definitely should not be avoided. You just need to find the right offers to gallop your way to dining experiences that not only keep your palettes intrigued, your guests satisfied. But most importantly your wallet tight and healthy with more to spare.
Unbelievable you might say? Keep a close watch on DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur as they “care enough” to bring great value offers this year-end to their guests.